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Day to Disconnect

Sunday, October 2, has been declared a “Day to Disconnect” from the world and turn off all Blackberries, iPhones, computers, tablets, iPads…and whatever other technology that we all sleep, eat and breathe!  Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein of Ohr Naava is spearheading this movement in which thousands of people will voluntarily unplug for as long as they want. It may be hard to imagine the world without technology, but it’s been done before and can be done again – at least for a day!

We are all so consumed with technology that we feel we always must respond to emails, play on Facebook, text each other, bbm all day, etc. As such, we sometimes ignore our surroundings (and even the people who are right next to us).   

I am a definitely a culprit of this!  I am always on my phone, responding to emails as fast as I can, tweeting friends….this will be a day of feeling refreshed.   

Not sure how you be will spending October 2, but I sure will be spending it away from technology. So if I don’t respond to your emails or texts or bbms, it’s not that I am ignoring you, I am partaking in this day of disconnect to spend quality time with the person I love!  🙂 Hope you all do too! 

~ Lori Faigin, Account Supervisor & @lorz416, The S3 Agency

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