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Heinz “Limited Edition” Ketchup for FB Fans Only

Heinz is launching a new ketchup variety made with balsamic vinegar which will be exclusively offered via their Facebook page starting November 14. This balsamic version is the first move away from the original recipe since 2000 when the company launched green and purple colored ketchup (gross), which surprise, failed quickly.The idea originated when Heinz UK began selling the same product on the social media site with success which led to the full launch in retailers. It’s hard to stand out from the vast line up of new products and this social experiment is allowing Heinz to test the effectiveness of social media for results in terms of gauging consumer reaction and creating a buzz. 

Fans will be able to order the new condiment through the Heinz Facebook page for $2.49 per 14-ounce bottle, minus a 25-cent discount and $2 in shipping fees. If you are a ketchup connoisseur, make sure you stock up, because come spring, the product will disappear. Heinz executives will review program success, visit numbers and ultimately decide if it’s here to stay.

~ Meredith Aman, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency

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