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Shower Beer Brand Is Bubbling with Love

Introducing the in-house brew of Sweden-based Snask: Shower Beer. Crafted in concert with their client, PangPang Brewery, the agency has put a sophisticated branding sheen on a college-aged classic. The 180 ml (~6 oz) bottles are meant to be guzzled in 3 gulps. As someone who...

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The Art of Play

We spend so much of our professional time working with briefs, strategies, client directives and brand guidelines, and that is all incredibly important at an ad agency. However, it’s also incredibly important to explore the Art of Play. True creative expression without boundaries has so...

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Create Your Personal Brand, Tweet By Tweet

If you don’t know what this is a picture of – and you’re in the communications industry – read on. As advertising, marketing and public relations continues to move into the social age, it has become necessary for all working in these worlds to be able...

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