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Pinvesting in Pinterest Video Ads

Pinterest joined other social platform giants with letting brands create full video ads. More video options are great for marketers across all different platforms because there is a different audience for each platform. Now marketers can have even more fun. Video is one of the most effective...

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Macy’s Valentine’s Day Social-motion Has Heart

At this point, everyone knows about the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement and Macy’s long-standing support of this female-benefiting charity. This Valentine’s Day, Macy’s is taking its campaign social, allowing supporters to spread the message and trigger support via social sharing. With...

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Applebee’s Ad Mocks Social Media

This is just one of several ads from Applebee’s encouraging women to get off of their Facebooking / Tweeting / Pinning butts and actually get social in real life. While the restaurant chain may not be my first choice in terms of girls-night-out destinations, the...

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