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Stop Social Squatting!

Years ago, many companies didn’t think to register URLs with their business name – then found themselves paying cyber-ID-thieves (IMHO) a pretty penny to claim their name, either to launch their site or just to protect themselves from someone else owning it. But did we...

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Don’t Work for Klout – Make Klout Work for YOU

Klout, the free online tool that measures social influence, has been the source of much debate: what’s their secret algorithm, why do they change their measurement techniques causing scores to rise and fall at whim, and are their scores actually meaningful anyway? To me, the...

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Celebrate Every Day

Something I quickly learned about working in social media and public relations is that there is something to celebrate today and everyday!  Think today’s just an ordinary day? Think again – August 23rd is “National Sponge Cake Day.” This may not mean anything to you,...

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