3 Free Online Tools Entrepreneurs Should Use

If you’re looking for free logo or website design, stop right here. Those are far too important to your brand and business to throw into an electronic hopper and use whatever it spits out. Rather, these 3 free tools can help you take your business to another level. So without further ado, here they are (in no specific order):

    Manage your brand reputation, keep tabs on your competitors, discover opportunities based on your clients’ activities all for free with Google Alerts. Just set up your free Google Alerts and you will get email updates whenever the subject matter you enter appears online.
    HARO provides opportunities to get your company press coverage via emails 3x / day (weekdays). Each email contains a list of vetted journalists, bloggers and authors and the specific sources they are seeking for their article, blog, show, etc. When you see one that applies to you, answer asap for your best chance of inclusion.
  3. KLOUT
    If you are on social media (and you SHOULD be), sign up for Klout immediately. The self-proclaimed “Standard for Influence,” Klout measures your social media reach – including showing you the areas in which you are most effective – so you can tweak your activity for better results. It lets you compare your information with others. It lets you search within topics to find the most influential tweeters – the ones you want to be engaging with. And it offers “PERKS,” which are just what they sound like.

~ Denise Blasevick, @advertgirl & CEO, The S3 Agency

Denise Blasevick
Denise Blasevick

CEO @The S3 Agency

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