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Applebee’s Ad Mocks Social Media

This is just one of several ads from Applebee’s encouraging women to get off of their Facebooking / Tweeting / Pinning butts and actually get social in real life. While the restaurant chain may not be my first choice in terms of girls-night-out destinations, the thinking behind the ads is first rate. 

In this ad aimed at Pinterest addicts, a “wacky, irreverent, from back in the day” (yes, that’s what the ad actually says, but stay with me here) grandmother imparts advice to her younger fellow females. Mocking them for pinning about pin boards full of tight jeans and other cute clothes – “I come from a time when we used to actually wear those things” – she advises “text your BFF and put on an outfit from your party time board” and actually go out and do something. You know, like go to Applebee’s.

I fully intended to hate this campaign, but they nailed it. Nice job, Applebee’s. 

~ @AdvertGirl

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