Hopefully you’re familiar with Tinder. If not, this description is going to make the megalith online “dating” app sound vain, illusory, and smug, without adequately conveying how appropriate those descriptors are. Basically, you’re shown a picture and brief profile of a possible suitor. You then either swipe their picture left towards rejection, or right to virtually say, “I’ll have some of that.” If on the other end, your suitor enjoys your quip about pistachios and those shirtless pics of you with your boys in Belmar, mazel tov! It’s a match! The two of your are then free to mentally revert back to being hormone-oozing teenagers and find out answers to the important questions: how you REALLY feel about Dave Matthews Band and if you’d be down to [CENSORED] and then get some mango gelato afterwards. 

Tinder is the go-to stud finder for some casual moonlit company, an outside shot at establishing a genuine relationship, and ultimately, a device for mocking men and the absurd things they’ll say in their pursuit of women. Really, what sort of brand are you establishing for yourself here with banter like this? 

Gentlemen (and ladies) remember: your communications are constantly defining your personal brand, even if they are made after a few too many drinks and in a virtual forum. Even on Tinder.

~ Chase Cambria, Jr. Copywriter, The S3 Agency

Chase Cambria
Chase Cambria

Jr. Copywriter @ The S3 Agency

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