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AUTEC Awards US “Sushi Robots” Public Relations Duties to The S3 Agency

The S3 Agency will serve as AUTEC’s Agency of Record, amplifying awareness of the brand’s thought leadership in food technology.

AUTEC Sushi Robot

The S3 Agency, the fearlessly creative agency best known for its work with national automotive, CPG, and travel & tourism brands, has been named the US public relations Agency of Record for AUTEC, the nation’s leading commercial robotic sushi machine provider. The agency will focus on broadening awareness of AUTEC’s line of “Sushi Robots” – used by famous restaurants, educational institutes, and upscale grocers – and the impact their innovative technology offers to the food industry.

The growing popularity of sushi has created a demand that cannot always be fulfilled with human labor, whether due to skill shortages or a lack of economic viability, and AUTEC’s Sushi Robots are changing the game. By automating elements of the sushi making process, Sushi Robots allow purveyors to maintain high levels of quality and consistency expected of this typically handcrafted cuisine – at much higher production levels. (One model can produce 1,400 rice sheets per hour.)

This was a major pivot for its parent company Audio-Technica, which originally produced audio technology products such as phonograph needles. After facing a rapid adoption of digital technology in the music industry, the company established AUTEC as a new strategic direction. Following years of research and development, AUTEC brought its Sushi Robots to market. And a new business direction was born.

“Technology has always been the focus for AUTEC, but our Sushi Robots represent something bigger, because you’re not just buying a machine, you’re stepping into the future of sushi,” says Taka Tanaka, president and CEO of AUTEC. “Our food technology helps revitalize existing businesses so they can survive in an era of tighter margins – and creates possibilities for new startups to thrive. We want to make sure people know about the opportunities AUTEC Sushi Robots bring – and, with their proven expertise in both the food and business sectors, we know The S3 Agency is the right partner to help make that happen.”

“The very idea of Sushi Robots was immediately intriguing, but what really impressed us about AUTEC was their dedication to a bigger picture: achieving success by helping other businesses succeed,” said Denise Blasevick, CEO of The S3 Agency. “AUTEC demonstrates extreme thought leadership on a daily basis, and we look forward to sharing that with the appropriate media whose audiences will most benefit from it.”

With AUTEC, delivering client success goes beyond the machine. Their dedicated consulting service applies years of global industry experience, providing guidance and knowledge of the sushi culture and business to owners. For more information on AUTEC Sushi Robots and how to purchase one for your business, please visit

For more information about The S3 Agency, a fearlessly creative full-service agency whose advertising, public relations, and social media operations are headquartered in Boonton, NJ, please visit

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AUTEC is a commercial sushi robot manufacturer supplying equipment to food service businesses and academic institutions around the world. The original brainchild of Audio-Technica, an audio equipment manufacturer in Japan specializing in phonograph needles, AUTEC was conceived as a new strategic direction for a company facing the rapid adoption of digital technology in the music industry.  Since the 1980’s, AUTEC has expanded its operations to the USA and Canada with a goal to make high-quality sushi accessible and affordable to anyone, anywhere by designing aesthetically pleasing robots to assist all levels of sushi chefs and various types of businesses to successfully run at a lower operational cost.

Denise Blasevick
Denise Blasevick

CEO @The S3 Agency

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