Jackie Dorey, Author at The S3 Agency

Barbie Time > Football Time

Playing with Barbies: it's as much of an American pastime as football. But who would expect a man to swap his Sunday game for “Barbie time.” Mattel thinks that should change. Since early 2016, the iconic toy company has been on a mission to update Barbie’s old-fashioned...

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LaCroix: From Mom Drink to Millennial Obsession

Seemingly out of nowhere, a fizzy beverage called La Croix started popping up all over the place this year, becoming the next Millennial obsession. I first started noticing the brand name through social media by both friends and popular media outlets. Then, when a can showed...

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Do you want Glossier to be your brand friend?

Brands Launched from Successful Blogs Can Become Instant Friends When was the last time you took beauty advice from a magazine? I'm talking about the things made out of shiny paper collecting dust at Barnes and Noble. Yeah, I can't remember either. Social media has completely revolutionized the beauty...

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