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A Beautiful Mattress Ad… What?!

Elegant, Unexpected and On-Target

I rarely see a TV ad that stops me in my tracks—so beautiful it interrupts my journey with laundry in hand, through the family room to its destination down the hall. Not only was this Mattress Firm commercial visually exceptional, but it kept me watching as it headed in one direction. Or so I thought; it then spun around and landed with a strong, accurate message. Refreshing. Another bonus, I woke up this morning remembering the brand—which is the point, after all, yet is often too easily forgotten.

Ad Age has reported Mattress Firm used Droga5 for brand improvement and a new campaign. The campaign includes TV spots, radio and digital. And the big reveal: a live keynote address by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. I’m intrigued to follow the results of this elegant and unexpected campaign.




Lisa Schroeder
Lisa Schroeder

Graphic Designer @ The S3 Agency

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