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Davey Awards

S3 Wins International Davey Award

New Jersey’s #1 Ad Agency Takes the Davey for Eight O’Clock Coffee Campaign Boonton, NJ (January 17, 2020) – The S3 Agency, a leading Brand Elevation agency recognized as NJ’s #1 ad agency, announces a very special honor: the receipt of a Davey Award on behalf...

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2020 PR Trends

Public Relation Trends for 2020

These days, a good PR firm must have more than just good media contacts… Why are we talking about the top public relation trends for 2020? There is no question that the world of public relations has changed drastically in the past decade. We can expect...

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Turtle Back Zoo Holiday Marketing Campaign

A Holiday Marketing Campaign To Remember

NJ’s #1 Zoo Taps NJ’s #1 Agency to Increase Membership Sales Turtle Back Zoo wanted to increase awareness of their affordable annual memberships. They also wanted to position them as a unique gift idea for NJ families. Unsure of the best path to achieve their aggressive...

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Could That Gif Get You Sued?

Everything you need to know about GIF Copyright Laws

Over the past few years, GIFs (whose only acceptable pronunciation is with a hard ‘g’, \ˈgifs\) have become increasing popular online. Both Google and Facebook now include GIF drawers in their messaging platforms by default and you probably have one attached to your keyboard on your smartphone as well. While GIFs are really...

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The S3 Agency's Brand Elevation Process

The Complete Guide to Brand Elevation

Below is a segment of our proprietary Brand Elevation™ process which you can download HERE.   GOING UP? Branding today is as important as ever – but most brands continue to struggle with their place in the world. By “most brands,” I’m not talking about the brands that everyone...

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