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Unleash your competitive brand advantage—
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Is your brand truly differentiated? Can everyone in your company clearly articulate what your brand stands for? Does your brand compel customers to choose you over your competitors? And are all of your sales and marketing communications rooted in this ownable brand strategy, moving harmoniously toward successful growth?


Big companies have huge budgets to create differentiated brands. They do it because strong brands command higher loyalty, higher prices, and higher business valuations.


This strategic advantage is no longer limited to large-scale enterprises.

That’s why The S3 Agency, New Jersey’s #1 ad agency per NJBIZ, created Brand Elevation. Proven to differentiate B2B and B2C brands. Priced at $15,000.

Brand Elevation is our proprietary approach that condenses the most essential elements of a traditionally time-consuming process – to help brands align around a true point of differentiation sooner than later. Much sooner. Our proven system that has been featured on MSNBC Your Business as a key to turning businesses around. And it really can clarify your strategic brand positioning in just two weeks.

Brand Elevation has three steps:

1. We Discover

You and your team provide answers to expertly curated questions that will help reveal brand-building opportunities. We’ll analyze the data so we are prepped and ready to get the most out of our Brand Elevation Workshop (Step 2).

2. We Workshop

We facilitate a one-day, in-person Brand Elevation Workshop with your key decision makers. The goal: building consensus around key information and insights that we will use to create a powerfully strategic way forward.

3. We Align

We present your Brand Elevation strategic map for your uniquely differentiated brand, including positioning recommendations, key milestones, and potential tactical paths. We answer questions, hear your feedback, and engage in a candid discussion to ensure you have a solid grasp of how the brand direction will impact your business and marketing milestones.

Brand Elevation is industry agnostic. We have helped brands in automotive, CPG, trade associations, healthcare, IT, motorsports, destinations, insurance, education, and many more.

Does it really work? Centenary University gives us an A+.

While many small, private, liberal arts universities are struggling and even closing their doors, Centenary University chose to investigate the power of Brand Elevation as a strategic approach to strengthening the university’s future.


The goal: define Centenary’s brand to be differentiated, relevant and authentic. After taking the school’s key decision makers and constituencies through the process, we helped Centenary clarify their positioning in a way that both informed their offerings and identified their best target markets. And we captured the sentiment with the line, “The Future U” – which the university then asked S3 to bring to life via a marketing campaign (shown below).


What did Brand Elevation do for Centenary?
Here are the statistics from the first six months:

  • 16% increase in applications submitted (reaching more people)
  • 356% increase in admits (reaching more of the right people)
  • 308% increase in number of applications with decision (exceeding goals)

Going Up?

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