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How Brands Can Leverage the New Instagram Ads

Is your brand prepared for the next wave of social media advertising?

Social media is everywhere. And when something affects so many lives, it affects brands and businesses. News articles, live media coverage, and advertisements can all be looked at from Twitter, Facebook, and now, your Instagram timeline. The Gram is debuting full-screen ads in stories. Ads will pop up either in video clips or pictures between your stories.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, knew exactly what he was doing when he bought Instagram back in 2012. He has turned a photo-sharing app into a video-sharing, story-sharing and advertising platform. Instagram’s parent company (Facebook) has monetized itself and impacted brands by bringing ads in front of its one billion users. Instagram is now set to be another dominant player in social media advertising.

Remember when you started to see ads on your Facebook, and wondered how the ad of the last website you looked at was there? Or when you ordered a book online, and an ad popped up on your timeline recommending books for you from Barnes and Noble? Through the Instagram platform, brands can reach an even bigger audience.

Instagram is set to sell ad space on the app for twice the price of ad space on Facebook.  At the rate Instagram is growing, it seems like Instagram ads will be worth the higher price. According to Business Insider, Instagram hit 600 million users by the end of 2016. And those users are highly engaged – over 300 million use the app daily.

Is Instagram part of your brand growth strategy this year? Before you answer, take a look at the social media platform’s user base. Pew Research cites two primary user groups; 18-29 year olds (55% of users) and 30-49 year olds (28% of users). So if either or both of these groups are your target market, it’s probably time to get in the Instagram game.

Gabriela Lora
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