I feel a bit uneasy admitting this, but I recently purchased Old Spice deodorant. And it wasn’t because of their ad campaigns that featured minotaurs, clingy mothers signing, and Fabio. I was shopping at Wal-Mart recently and heard the brand’s signature whistle from a few aisles away. When I went to the deodorant aisle, there was no display to be seen. The voice activated ‘whistle’ was hidden somewhere behind the rows of deodorant. It was enough to get me to pick up a stick of a variety called ‘Bear Glove’. After inspecting the packaging I gave it a whiff and I was in. It did not smell like the ‘Soap On A Rope’ musk scent that I was expecting.

I don’t think that I’m their target market, but as a marketer I found it cool that a simple tactic like this won me over faster than a shirtless Terry Crews could. I also smell like a Bear… so that is another plus.

~ Jaime Hamel (aka @StopHamelTime), Digital Strategist, The S3 Agency

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