Some things stay with you from your youth. I can recite the G.I. Joe theme song. I remember T.G.I.F. every Friday with Steve Urkel and company. And, I remember this Staples commercial vividly…

This ad first aired in 1995, when I was in elementary school, so it’s old enough to vote. Imagine my surprise when I heard that familiar jingle still being used as recently as last month. Is it wise to still use the same ad? Many “kids” that were annoyed by this commercial are now having children of their own, and the back to school memory it triggers can’t be a pleasant one.

On the other hand, they now get to play the part of that goofy dad, excitedly holding those staplers and singing, ”There going baccckk”. It is a testament to the effectiveness of the ad itself that it can still be used today without touching it. Imagine almost any other commercial from that time period still being used today, like these 90s spots:

None really hold up. So thanks for the memories Staples, and congrats on a timeless ad. Now if I could just wipe the smirk off that dads face…

~ Mike D’Ambrosio, Interactive Art Director, The S3 Agency

Team S3
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