Cat Food with ‘Tude

Editor’s Note: While the opinions expressed about cats in this post do NOT necessarily reflect those of the agency, the opinions expressed herein about the branding awesomeness are bang on.

I am NOT a cat person. It is my suspicion that cats are devious, ruthless and highly intellectual creatures hidden under a guise of innocent-looking whiskers and a puffball of fur. I am also quite aware that these exact qualities are what make some people love cats, so I suspect that’s why I’ve fallen in love with the packaging for Snookums Cat Food.

Alas, Snookums is only a fictional brand created by designer Eric Hart, but if it weren’t I may have had to do the unthinkable and adopt a cat just so I could buy this food. Tasteful label design only scratches, err, claws the surface. Everything down to the catchy flavor names and the devilish feline faces on the lids makes for a product that would beat the paws off anything else in the aisles at Petco.

To see the full brand rationale and campaign, click here. Even I will be on the lookout for a “soon-to-be-produced” social media campaign.

~ Trish Salge, Sr. Art Director and 100% Dog Person, The S3 Agency

Trisha Salge
Trisha Salge

Creative Supervisor @ The S3 Agency

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