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Colgate Gets Steamy with Latest Campaign

Toothpaste. Inherently, it’s about as unromantic as a product can get. Well, Colgate is literally turning on the steam in a new in-hotel campaign designed to increase water conservation awareness.

The brand has actively been championing water conservation messaging for years. Now, Colgate will reach guests staying at Azimut Hotels in Russia in a whole new way: on their bathroom mirrors. Post-shower hotel guests will be surprised and, hopefully, delighted to find that the steam generated by their cleansing rituals has revealed save-water messaging on their bathroom mirrors. How does this “magic” happen? It’s pretty simple: a combination of an anti-condensation substance and waterproof markers.

This is a very clever way for Colgate to reach people at the moment that they can make a difference: take a shorter shower next time, turn off the faucet while brushing teeth, hang those towels up to be re-used instead of leaving them on the floor for housekeeping to launder… (Definitely more effective than an easy-to-ignore paper card on the nightstand!) It also borders a bit on creepy: we’ve all seen the horror movies with mirror messages left by the killer. But hey, it will definitely get noticed!

Getting noticed is exactly what Colgate’s campaign is doing – just Google #SaveWaterMirror to see guest selfies in front of their steamed-up mirrors. I also appreciate that Colgate isn’t putting their logo on the mirrors. The brand seems to be genuinely concerned about effecting water conservation. Hopefully that authentic caring will tie to increased sales of their toothpaste tubes.

Denise Blasevick
Denise Blasevick

CEO @The S3 Agency

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