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All Hail the Return of Creativity!

Creativity Is Back, Baby.

If you’re in the advertising business, you’ve been hearing about the comeback of the “big idea.” Yes, creativity is back! Why? Because in recent years, marketers have been data-obsessed – and understandably so. Never before have ad agencies been able to get so granular, in terms of:

  • analyzing and reaching target markets
  • predicting outcomes
  • measuring engagement and effectiveness

Beware obsession, though. With the hyper-focus on data, many brands have even taken to letting this science dictate their use of creativity. And not just for optimizing campaigns, but for directing concept development. To quote Sheila Broflovski, “What what whaaaat???!!!” Sounds crazy, I know. This has been the reality for many an ad agency – and that is anything but inspiring.

Luckily for those of who believe in the power of big ideas, the love for creativity is making a comeback! Not that there’s anything wrong with utilizing the insights and abilities data offer. These critical tools should be informing the actions of every intelligent marketer. But they should be utilized in ways that help drive über-effective creativity on all levels at both the client and the agency.

Unlike data, the real value of creativity, or fearless creativity (as we refer to it here at The S3 Agency), cannot be measured. Sliced. Diced. Put into a neat little box. We literally refer to creativity as “out of the box” thinking, right? 

When you put creativity next to columns of data that can “prove” the achievement of KPIs, it’s easy to see how creativity might be pushed to the back seat while data takes the wheel. This is especially true for validating short-term success, which has become more of a focus, thanks to the shorter duration of time that people are staying in their job. But that’s the focus for a different post…

For too long, the industry has been placing big data and big ideas at odds. Yes, data has become sexy. Does that really make creativity unsexy? Of course not. In fact, together they are the hottest couple out there. 

While fearless creativity is our mantra, it’s important to note that we’re not talking about reckless creativity. At The S3 Agency, we define fearless as embracing innovative approaches rooted in data-driven insights. Regardless of the communication form – advertising, public relations, social media – we use data to remove fear on all sides of the client-agency relationship. Our big ideas start with big data – and that makes the big difference. 

Yes. Creativity is back in vogue. And thanks to big data, it’s better than ever. Which is a good thing for those of us who never gave up on the power of the big idea!

Denise Blasevick
Denise Blasevick

CEO @The S3 Agency

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