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Daffy’s: Closing Bargains for Millionaires

Daffy’s (once known as Daffy Dan’s) pioneered new retail ground in 1961, offering designer clothing for sale at a discount as their USP. (And it really was a unique selling proposition back then.) More importantly to me (as @AdvertGirl), they had some really breakthrough ad messages – starting with their slogan “Clothing Bargains for Millionaires.”

With yesterday’s news of liquidation, many people are asking what happened. My answer: they got outmoded. In today’s frantically paced world, people are too busy to riffle through racks of designer duds – even for a good price – with the hopes of finding their size. Heck, many people don’t even shop in store anymore. Online is so easy, everything is neatly organized, you can order from your desk while at work, while the baby sleeps, while at dinner – whenever the mood strikes. Does Daffy’s offer online shopping? No.

They are also no longer the only designer discounter in the bricks and mortar world. From Marshall’s to entire outlet malls, the choices abound – giving people less reason to travel out of their way to find a store with fewer locations than some of the bigger names.

Even on social media, the brand seemed to have a tough time connecting. That makes sense. If fewer people are connecting with the brand in person, why would they extend that into their social media space? Sadly, it seems that the sad news has sparked the largest Daffy’s Facebook interaction in a while, as people mourn the once iconic retailer’s closing.

Full disclosure: I had the good fortune to pitch Daffy’s a few years ago when the recession hit, but we lost out to another agency. Here’s one of the ideas we came up with:

Would our creative have stirred enough brand buzz? No. That’s exactly the point – today, you need more than buzz. You need to be able to transact with people where and when they want it most. Still, we LOVED the idea of transitioning the tagline to “Clothing Bargains for EX-millionaires”…it felt so much more relatable for the times.

~ @AdvertGirl

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