Every Man Wants Everlasting Beauty. Apparently.

or “Yet Another Reason Companies Should Hire Real Ad Agencies”

I photographed this “ad” in my gym’s locker room (a place where one obviously shouldn’t be taking pictures, but this was too awesome not to share).

I’m guessing that Dr. Goodnight is a fan of Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond), and I’d really like to think that when one goes to Dr. Goodnight’s Center for Everlasting Beauty, his assistant, Marianne Goodnight, takes DNA samples from select clients. While you are undergoing Automated Follicular Unit Extraction, hundreds of feet below you, in Dr. Goodnight’s underground lair, evil minions are cloning you as part of an army of imposters. By the time you are ready for your final treatment, your clone – complete with a thick head of luminous hair – is ready to replace you in the real world.

Using the persuasive powers that only flowing locks and a perfect haircut can unlock, your clone begins to subvert Western Civilization. And get the girls. Just like that lucky before-and-after bastard in the poster. So if you see me three months from now, wandering around with a permanent smile and luxurious hair, somebody, please, send a rescue team. 

~ Adam Schnitzler, CCO & @aschnitz1, The S3 Agency

Adam Schnitzler
Adam schnitzler

Chief Creative Officer & Founding Partner @ The S3 Agency

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