Facebook’s First Step Toward Google+ Circles

Whether or not you like Google+, their concept of “circles” seems to have been almost universally embraced. This morning when I woke up and logged onto FB, I was greeted with some “new” features – that seem to be a first step toward echoing the “circles” idea of Google+…with a little bit of Foursquare thrown in for good measure.

Primarily, now – WHEN POSTING – you can

  • indicate where you are (a la Foursquare, which Facebook Places has allowed in the past for check-ins but not during a standard wall post), and 
  • determine which of your friends or groups will be able to see your post (very Google+ circles!). 

Here are all the details from FB’s blog:

While I don’t always enjoy all of FB’s unexpected updates, I do admire their raw spirit of “break it”: rather than beta test features to death prior to launch, they just go out and make changes in an effort to constantly evolve with the social media community. In my book, that’s social media at its best.

As for today’s FB updates, I think they will be well received.

~ Denise Blasevick (aka @AdvertGirl), CEO, The S3 Agency (theS3agency.com)

Denise Blasevick
Denise Blasevick

CEO @The S3 Agency

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