Forget Barbie marketing — how about a Marketing Barbie?

When I think Barbie, short pink bob and tattoos do not come to mind first. Maybe it’s just me but growing up playing with Barbie I remember her owning pet and candy shops, becoming a scientist or maybe an astronaut, not heading to the nearest tattoo parlor. Barbie, despite her barely there outfits, did have some role model qualities for young girls to learn from years ago. For starters, she had spent 43 years with Ken until their break up pre-valentines day in 2004 (don’t worry they spent this past valentines day sorting their differences and rekindling their lost love), as previously mentioned she held top positions young girls could dream of growing up to one day fulfill, and she showed and taught responsibility taking care of her little brother and sisters. These are the positive qualities, whether known or not, little girls were having instilled in them growing up pre-tatted-up Barbie.  

I understand the growing of toys with the times, however I do believe the audience playing with these dolls should also be kept in mind. A “Marketing Barbie” or even “Wall St. Barbie” may have accomplished the “keeping with the times” goal in a more substantial way. If this new Tokidoki Barbie is meant to serve as a role model for little girls to aspire to be, I think Mattel may have missed the mark.  Maybe I give Barbie too much influential credit, or maybe Mattel should get back to the basics of dresses and candy for little girls. You decide. 

~ Alyssa Nowak, Barbie Analyst, The S3 Agency

Team S3
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