Having Fun at Work

As an ad agency owner, I understand that time must be billable. But I’m not just looking to get the most out of our staff – I want to get the best out of them. For a creative group, that means creating a culture that embraces fun as part of the work day. I think that’s something that translates well to most types of businesses.

Today we are celebrating the first day of fall with a Wine & CheeS3e party for our staff and clients. Getting the office ready for the soiree has been a perfect combination of labor and laughs. Even as I type, the final pictures are being hung, plants rearranged, carpets created (don’t ask). I have photographic evidence of people swinging hammers atop furniture – with big smiles on their faces. Soon, those smiling faces will include many of our clients and vendors. All that smiling fills my heart. And guess what else it does? It makes for happier staff, which means happier clients.

So if you’re in Boonton today, we hope you’ll stop by and say hi.

~ Denise Blasevick, @advertgirl & CEO, The S3 Agency

Denise Blasevick
Denise Blasevick

CEO @The S3 Agency

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