Focusing on the benefits of their in-cabin-vacuum as a differentiator for their new Odyssey minivan, Honda brought in big talent (Neil Patrick Harris, Rainn Wilson) as the voices of small things that might indicate “a child was here.” Things like gummy bears and pieces of lint. Just in case you missed the spot, here’s a link to our earlier post commending their fine work – in the commercial as well as in the Twitter advertising used to spread the word:

But did Honda stop there? Oh, no they didn’t. As other brands began tweeting “challenges” to Honda, they replied with clever copy and graphical memes. Brands like…



and Wonka Nerds

It’s great to see family friendly brands engage in some fun banter – and this interaction certainly helps further set Honda away from its more boring minivan counterparts.

~ Sandra Storey, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency

Team S3
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