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In UK, Snickers Satisfies…With Balls

In America, we’re quite familiar with the long-running Snickers campaign that involved turning back into yourself after you eat the caramel peanut chocolatey goodness. Here’s one if the spots, involving divas Aretha Franklin and Liza Minelli:

So I wasn’t too surprised to see that campaign running on the telly in London…until I got to the very end. Check out the British version on the “divas” spot:

Instead of the tag line “Satisfies,” the cheeky English ender is “Get Some Nuts.” Very clever — ties back to the actual product as well as the commercial theme to “stop acting like a whiny woman because you’re hungry and eat a Snickers.”

As brilliant as this is, it could never work for the family-friendly M&M Mars company in the US because of the backlash that would be sure to result from the lack of political correctness. Shame, isn’t it?

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