When the Hamstars first came on the scene with the KIA SOUL, they were the coolest rodents to ever grace any glowing rectangle. This flawless execution of a brilliant idea is worth a watch anytime:

Then, as is the way of the world, they bought their own hype – and successive spots simply couldn’t compare.

Now, Kia has decided to revisit their product – and their expression thereof. The new commercial takes the modernized sleek-appeal of the updated SOUL and infuses it into the soul of its spokesrodents. Transformed from all-too-bloated puffballs into couture-styled hamsters-in-black, their new image reflects the updated styling of the SOUL – which is their soul. And just like that, once again the hamsters are Hamstars. Nice job recapturing your “you,” Kia.

~ @AdvertGirl 

Team S3
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