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Netflix Steals Some Inaugural Spotlight

Netflix teases new House of Cards season on inauguration day.

You have to admire Netflix and their marketing team. While searching on Facebook to stream the inauguration ceremony where Donald Trump will be sworn in as president, another political post caught my eye. Netflix chose today, January 20th, 2017, to announce the upcoming Season Five release of their original series, House of Cards.

If you’ve ever watched House of Cards, you’ll understand the irony here. Featuring a creepy rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance with an upside down American flag waving in front of the Capitol Building, the spot promises a grim season ahead. How will the fictional, corrupt politician Frank Underwood compare to the reality TV star-turned-President Donald Trump? Only time will tell, and America will be watching. Presumably both.

“One nation. Underwood. House of Cards returns May 30 on Netflix.”

Samantha Banner
Samantha Banner

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