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New Honda Advertising Drives Imagination

The latest advertising campaign from Honda focuses more on dreaming, less on driving

A few months ago, Honda released a new commercial for the Civic. “The Dreamer” started the car brand’s advertising transitioning more towards the imagination. The ad showcases an engineer working on vehicle blueprints as the new Honda Civic escapes his imagination, traveling through a magical journey of roller coaster-like winding roads, waterfalls, and rainbows. Inspirational and uplifting, the ad is paired with the catchy tune, “Walking on a Dream,” by Empire of the Sun. Using colorful and original graphics the ad is entertaining, fun and an all-around home run. It breaks through the clutter of automotive lifestyle commercials currently in the market. Ending with a tagline of “Direct from our Imagination”, the ad plays the perfect Act 1 to Honda’s Act 2, “Storytime with Accord”. That’s the ad campaign I really want to talk about today.

Dinosaurs Ethan

These new commercials turn children’s imaginative stories into acted out plays. While the approach is drastically different than “The Dreamer”, the overarching dream-like positioning has remained intact, and it keeps Honda’s name at the forefront of the viewer’s mind. The Storytime ads are absolutely charming, putting kids in the driver seat to share their experiences while in the family sedan. These adorable bedtime-like stories are more than cute: they highlight the vehicle’s features with various product shots scripted in. Honda has made a nice transition with the ad campaign, running two spots so far. One spot acts out a story from a child named Ethan, who sees the car as a rocket ship. The other story executes a young Kingsley‘s vision of the car taking a trip beneath the sea. Low-tech backgrounds akin to what you might see at a school play tie in perfectly with the young narrators’ voices – and they are sure to get the attention of moms and dads (as well as kids).

While I am enjoying Honda’s playful marketing approach, I feel the brand will need to evolve this campaign relatively quickly in order to keep it fresh. At the very least, let’s get some little girls’ stories out there.

Tiffany LaSpina
Tiffany LaSpina

Account Supervisor @ The S3 Agency

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