Nivea Screams for Sunscreen

Nivea Takes Skincare Fun to New Heights

It’s officially the season of sunshine and smiles…we’ve made it to summer! Sadly, those smiles that plaster the wide-eyed and sun-kissed faces of our children will quickly turn to frowns if we forget one important summer essential: sunscreen. And since kids around the world universally hate applying sunblock, it can be easy to overlook.

One brand is going to great heights to make a difference: Nivea. In an effort to raise awareness surrounding skin cancer and the benefits that sunscreen provides, skin care brand Nivea has created a brilliant PR stunt. The SunSlide is a massive water slide equipped with hundreds of spray-jets that deliver over 13 gallons of Nivea’s SPF 50+ waterproof sunscreen to those who slide down.

The skincare brand chose to launch this public relations attraction on a beach in Cape Town – because, per the Skin Care Foundation, South Africa has the highest rate of skin cancer. With the attention-getting SunSlide, Nivea is able to protect over 100 children an hour from the damaging rays of the sun!

All it takes is one trip down the slippery slope to ensure equal coverage that moms strive so hard to ensure…without the traditional parent-child battle. The inflatable slide’s spray-jets cover kids from head-to-toe in the brand’s sunscreen, nestling into the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies such as behind the ears and in between fingers and toes. Child participants even received their own pair of goggles to help keep eyes clear and lotion-free.

But really, the SunSlide does even more than cover little ones from tip to toe. It makes applying sunscreen part of the fun instead of getting in the way of it. Nivea has positioned its brand as a polar opposite to its competitors with this awareness-raising campaign.

The SunSlide is just another step in Nivea’s continuous journey to help combat skin cancer. Previous efforts have included creating a color-changing doll to remind parents to apply lotion (2015) and a solar panel magazine advertisement that had the capability to charge cell phones (2013).

Congratulations to Nivea for creating something so unique that the news is making its way from South Africa all around the world! Not only is the brand promoting positive and healthy habits, but it is also provides the children of Cape Town with an exciting experience that reflects what summer is truly all about…fun!

Alaina Blekicki
Alaina Blekicki

PR Account Executive @ The S3 Agency

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