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One (YouTube) Channel For All?

Recently YouTube rolled out some major changes to the the layout of their Brand Channels. The newer, less visually pleasing design is called, “One Channel”. 

Instead of having multiple areas for brands to program and design, the layout only allows a single upload panel (along with the brand’s profile image). The layout is unmistakably similar to Facebook’s layout and is obviously intentional.


Here we have an example of the “old” YouTube layout – which allowed brands to create user friendly social & web buttons that were fully linkable.


Now, as you can see in this example from Nike, social buttons are relegated to a tiny piece of real estate on the lower right hand corner of the banner image.

The reason for the change is simple… YouTube wanted to create a single layout format . The layout is also more television friendly, as more and more consumers are accessing YouTube through gaming and Blue Ray consoles.

For now, brands are not required to use the new layout – but chances are, a couple years from now we will all be looking back fondly on the ‘Old’ YouTube Brand Channel.

~ Jaime Hamel, Digital Strategist, The S3 Agency

Team S3
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