Pantene (and our intern) go to great lengths for breast cancer

Who is that on Access Hollywood with Zooey Deschanel? [Full video here.] One of our amazing summer associates, Nicole! Below is her story about how Pantene upped its brand value in her eyes – and how the brand is increasing its youth appeal.

I chose to enter to Pantene and Seventeen Magazine’s "National Donate Your Hair Day" Contest in honor of my mother and grandmother, who both lost their hair in their battles with breast cancer. I saw their struggles when they lost their hair and wanted to give strong women like them a chance to feel beautiful once again.

The Pantene “Beautiful Lengths” program is an amazing initiative with a heartfelt message that provides a positive association to the brand for younger consumers:

  • The charity program genuinely supports Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths hair care line, which is supposed to help hair grow longer and healthier (so users can donate their hair to the cause). 
  • Zooey Deschanel is a good fit as a spokesperson for this campaign, because of her clean-cut image that resonates with this target market. 
  • Partnering with a trusted publication like Seventeen Magazine provided the right format and audience for this contest.

Overall I think that this is a successful campaign that helps promote Pantene and its image, while also advocating for the Beautiful Lengths program. It was a truly amazing experience and I will certainly donate again!

~ Nicole Mazewski, Summer Associate, The S3 Agency

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