Poppin’ Promotion: Dove + Pogo.com

Dove’s primary target is women. Women love playing games. Especially online. When at home. Where they use soap. Put that all together and you have an interesting, well-done promotion: Dove is sponsoring the “Poppit” balloon-popping game on pogo.com, home to Scrabble, Word Whomp, and other popular time wasters.

In addition to being an interesting way to reach their target audience – something marketers are always seeking – I was impressed with how well this promotion was executed. The graphic integration falls somewhere between obtrusive and subtle, but definitely gets noticed. And it seems to really work with the game. The cactus “spokesperson” is dons a shower cap and back brush to the left of the game board. To the right, a rubber duckie sits beside the bottle of Dove. The prizes that come out of the balloons are Dove-related – including the bird logo and a bar of soap.

This smart integration extends beyond the initial cuteness. Dove is giving pogo.com members extra points to play Poppit – a reason to choose that over another game. (Members use points for all sorts of things, including buying clothing for their avatars…) AND Dove has turned a banner ad into an interactive game. Knowing that this audience wants to play games, they created a jigsaw puzzle that the player can put together for another 10,000 points (a significant amount on the site). The puzzle, of course, reveals a brand message – one that is truly read, since the user has to look at it carefully to assemble the pieces and get their points.

I give high marks, or points, to Dove for this clever campaign. It’s not earth-shattering in its newness – but it is a solid promotion that integrates very well, both graphically and psychographically.

~ Denise Blasevick, CEO & @AdvertGirl, The S3 Agency

Denise Blasevick
Denise Blasevick

CEO @The S3 Agency

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