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Shower Beer Brand Is Bubbling with Love

Introducing the in-house brew of Sweden-based Snask: Shower Beer. Crafted in concert with their client, PangPang Brewery, the agency has put a sophisticated branding sheen on a college-aged classic.

The 180 ml (~6 oz) bottles are meant to be guzzled in 3 gulps. As someone who choked through college trying my very best to shotgun beers, this is a welcome deviation from the norm. The average hand engulfs these diminutive bottles, so it’s imperative that the contents inside are poppin’ with punch. Whereas most pale ales float around 4-6% alcohol by volume, Shower Beer boasts a bolder 10% ABV to get the night off on the right foot. Clearly, a lot of thought, guile, and in-hand testing went into this labor of love, and it’s always nice when agency’s pet project makes a chunk of change back. (Their second batch is currently being brewed in response to public demand.)

What really gets me singing the high praises of this execution is the use of bubbles as a design element. To my knowledge, it’s the first “live-action” element I’ve seen on a brand identity sheet. The result is bursting with character. The brown bottle and pink crinkle-cap (it’s a shower cap!) frolic with those sudsy white bubbles and their rainbow-refracted glean. The concept alone has shattered my concept of what’s possible within a brand. It’s so obvious, so “Duh,” so fitting, that I never conceived of incorporating natural elements into unnatural product posturing. I’m not anticipating live-action textures will be the new Helvetica, but I’d love to see a subscription meal box embrace black wild rice.

Chase Cambria
Chase Cambria

Jr. Copywriter @ The S3 Agency

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