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Skittles Photobombs Chrissy Teigen

According to official reports, bathingsuit-clad Chrissy Teigen believed she was at a genuine ad photoshoot (for what, we don’t know) when she was suddenly surprised with a “rainbow” of Skittles as part of a PR stunt. As far as I can tell, this is the first big candy photobombing I’ve seen – so kudos for that. But when I watch this video, the “sweet surprise” smacks of a different flavor. Seems to me that Teigen is in on the joke, which takes away from the authenticity. She’s just too calm and happy about it all…and I’ve directed way too many photoshoots with models to know how they react to surprise (let alone being pelted with small pieces of candy).

Sorry, Skittles. I’m not buying it.

~ @AdvertGirl

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