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I recently had an oil change at a car dealership where I had a less-than-stellar experience. This weekend I received a customer feedback survey…

  • Was my car serviced properly? I would hope so…since I wasn’t there inspecting the service and I am by no means an expert, this question annoyed me – ZERO.  
  • Was car delivered in time? Well if in time means before I aged another year then yes, but if in time means in the1 hour time quoted, then no, it was not even close– ZERO. 
  • Was the service manager helpful? Are you serious? Telling me to come back in 1 hour then telling me to come back in another hour, followed by telling me to call after HIS lunch hour…I would say NO – ZERO. 
  • Would you recommend this dealership’s service center? NO WAY! – ZERO. 

Okay now you may think I am being harsh but this is the THIRD feedback survey I have filled out in the past two years. Why do I keep going back? It’s free. Now I know you get what you pay for but come on this is ridiculous!  I am positive I paid for my free services somewhere wrapped into my car’s total coast, so what gives? Why ask for feedback and not respond or at least change your ways?  Kudos for giving a survey to your customers but without a follow up to a negative experience or implementing a behavior change, you will lose customers. And with it costing about 20 times as much to attract a new customer as it costs to keep an old one, who can afford that loss? 

~ Stefanie Schoen, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency

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