Mullet Websites

Attack of the Mullet Websites

The web is experiencing its own little version of the ’80s. There are so many new options and capabilities available, and everyone is going crazy finding ways to add it all to their site. This is causing a terrible trend of putting aesthetics ahead of...

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Nice Ice, Baby

A great salesperson can “sell ice cubes to Eskimos,” right? So can strong branding sell better ice to pretty much anyone? That’s what Scotsman, “The Ideal Ice,” is banking on.Personally, I’ve always felt that “ice is ice.” Sure, sometimes it can taste funny, depending on things like filtration...

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The Inn Whose Digital Brand Was Out

The S3 Agency serves as the marketing arm of the MSNBC Your Business “Makeover Team.” This week, MSNBC aired our latest makeover: for Abbey’s Lantern Hill Inn, a Connecticut B&B that needed some serious help with their digital brand. Their website was sorely outdated, their Facebook...

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