Talking Turkey: Butterball Branding at its Best

What to do when your turkey is on fire? How do you serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal to a foreign exchange student? Don’t fret, help is just a toll-free number away – in addition to a few different urls. 

The Butterball ® Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-BUTTERBALL) is open yearly from November through December to handle all your turkey advise needs. The hotline, which opened 29 years ago, started with 6 trained home economists fielding 11,000 calls in their first year. The 800 number serves both US and Canadian residents and can accommodate Spanish-speaking callers as well.

Today the Talk-Line has more than 50 trained professionals to handle any type of call, which now number over 100,000. For those of you who don’t wish to wait to speak to a professional, Butterball does have a Facebook and Twitter presence to help with turkey tips. Their website also offers tips in the form of an FAQ list that can get you started should you need advice with thawing, roasting and stuffing techniques. Their homepage also features a "Plan Perfect Portions" calculator which allows you to enter your number of guests along with some parameters – We’re big eaters or We want leftovers – and will generate the size bird you should consider.

Since I’m always a guest at Thanksgiving, I’ve never had the need to call the Talk-Line but I can assure you I will be imparting this treasure trove of information to the family member that is our yearly host. Specifically the Perfect Portion calculator, let’s just leave it at that.

~ Sandra Storey, Account Supervisor and Turkey Talker, The S3 Agency

Team S3
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