The Edgier Side of Sears (Spoiler Alert)

They got me. And they made me laugh. Who are they? Department store brand Sears and ad agency, Mcgarrybowen Chicago. Watching this spot – which very successfully pretends to be a trailer for this season’s must-see romantic holiday movie – I was actually moved to say out loud, “Wow, this movie must incorporate every single romantic comedy cliché in the book.“ And then the male lead slammed into a refrigerator. People slamming into things is pretty much always funny, and the fact that I didn’t see the parody coming (much like he didn’t see the appliance coming) really impressed me. Say goodbye to the softer side of Sears. ~ Adam Schnitzler, Chief Creative Officer & @aschnitz1

Adam Schnitzler
Adam schnitzler

Chief Creative Officer & Founding Partner @ The S3 Agency

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