The Follow Up

While my friend was visiting from Chicago for the weekend, we took a silly photo together (which was of course immediately posted and tagged on Facebook). But my friend took it a step further, because a good friend – like a good pr professional – knows the power of following up. Later that week, I received an envelope with a printout of the picture and a hand-written note. This note acknowledged the fun weekend we had together and suggested the next time we could meet. Not only did she make sustaining our friendship almost effortless, she provided me with a leave behind and a takeaway powerful enough to inspire this post. A good PR practitioner is like a good friend – they follow up. If you see something you have in common – reach out.  If you haven’t heard from them in a while – reach out. If you come across something that makes you think of them – reach out. If they did something worth congratulating or noting – reach out.   Treat journalists, editors, bloggers, producers like your friends. Reach out, follow up and make it effortless for them to sustain the relationship.

~ Lindsey Leifken, Account Coordinator & @queenofkudos, The S3 Agency

Team S3
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