Forget rum balls and mistletoe, my favorite part of the holidays has always been the gift wrapping. I’m sure it comes from my love for all things packaging, but whereas most (normal) people might put a budget together for holiday gifting, I have an entirely separate one for wrapping materials.

But, as S3’s Official Executive Treehugger, I’ve been forced to revamp some of my favorite wrapping supplies – who knew that metallic inks and spot varnishes can send an innocent sheet of wrapping paper to the landfill rather than the recycling plant?

So this year I may have to give the Furoshiki a try. This traditional Japanese wrapping cloth is totally reusable (there are instructions on how to WEAR it if one is so inclined) and makes any gift look like a million dollars – dare I say it could even camouflage a blatant re-gift attempt. Visit for beautiful cloths that range from traditional Japanese woodblock prints to contemporary styles, or simply make your own out of any good-sized piece of fabric.

~ Trish Salge, Sr. Art Director and Executive Treehugger, The S3 Agency

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Trisha Salge
Trisha Salge

Creative Supervisor @ The S3 Agency

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