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The Laws Of UX

Fitt’s Law, Miller’s Law, the Serial Position Effect. Do you know what lies behind those names? If not, Laws Of UX  is here to shed more light on their meaning. This lovely website explains the ten key maxims that designers can consider when building user interfaces.

When most people hear the term UX (User Experience), they immediately have visions of websites or mobile apps running through their head.  The truth is UX is a concept that can be applied to anything from a street lamp to the dishwasher in your kitchen.  User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with a company, its services, and its products.  In fact some of the laws on the website have been around since the 1930’s.

Does your brand have a scientific method to developing the best UX?  If not, you now have something to guide you along.

Walid Elshahed
Walid Elshahed

Associate Creative Director @ The S3 Agency

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