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The Secret to Viral: George Takei (Oh My!)

They say you can’t “make” viral – I say that too – but there is an exception. If you make a video starring George Tekai singing a the praises of a kinder Black Friday via a cover of an Aerosmith song, changing the words of “I don’t want to miss a thing” to “I don’t want to miss a deal,” call that song “Cheermageddon” and end with the Star Trek royal / Stern Show regular uttering his patented, deep-voiced “Oh My…” well THEN you can make Viral. And that’s exactly what Old Navy has done. Their just-launched YouTube video is already at over 500,000 views and rapidly growing, bringing Black Friday messaging to many more than just coupon clippers. Want more? Go to for “the most epically friendly Black Friday ever.” With Takei, Old Navy is tapping the pop culture jugular in a way that will stand out beyond the other codes and offers…and maybe, just maybe, Black Friday will be a kinder day indeed. ~ @AdvertGirl

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