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Top 10 Tradigital Marketing Predictions


Here are 10 likely trends that are taking shape across the merged digital and traditional landscape.
Is your brand ready?

1. Fewer tweens will be on social media.


Thanks to cyber bullying backlash, the ongoing helicopter parenting and a better understanding by parents of social media. So while we will continue see more kids under 13 tethered to their parents with smart phones — fewer of those kids will have their own social media accounts.

2. CTA will be the new headline.


It’s more about the person consuming the communication and less about the brand itself. (But brands will still be able find ways to inject their personality in to CTAs in ownable, meaningful ways that resonate more than “click here” or “visit our website.”)

3. “Click through” will no longer be a measure of engagement.


Marketers will finally acknowledge that many clicks lack intention – often being clicked by accident or simply to make an ad go away. When a digital ad conveys a brand experience vs. click bait, however, engagement can actually begin before the click – and may not even require a click.

4. Emojis will become more important.


In a world with an increasingly shorter digital attention span, these modern-day hieroglyphics allow brands to connect quickly with emotion. Emojis also allow international messaging for multi-lingual applications, no translation required.

5. Co-branded micro-spaces will save malls.


As department stores trend toward obsolescence, fewer big stores will serve as mall anchors. This will offer up-and-coming digital brands a quicker road to bricks and mortar status – repurposing that space to bring their consumer experience to life in a less permanent, cost-effective, cross-pollinated way that draws interest, crowds, and sales.

6. Pinterest will overtake Google as a DIY search engine.


Consumers now use Pinterest as a hybrid social / search channel. For the DIY set, Pinterest boards make it a better choice to store their selections as they build inspiration blocks. Therefore, brands will provide more targeted Pinterest content and the cycle will grow exponentially.

7. The measurable mission will matter more.


Millennials are tying a direct value to a brand’s mission, seeing that they can help better the world by purchasing from brands who give back. Smart brands will recognize the power of the Millennial wallet to drive meaningful value, incorporating a measurable mission into primary purchase factor status.

8. Work from home will start to decline.


Companies and employees are both recognizing the loss of collaboration, team building, and cultural belonging that is resulting from working at home. But while more companies will require employees to come in more often, look for an increase in flexible schedules.

9. Brands will target seniors with large-type digital ads.


With grandparents making up one of the largest active audiences on Facebook, senior citizens are no longer digitally deficient. Older people are online and represent a powerful buying audience. Brands will transition the “oversized type” greeting card technique to digital ads to get their messages across.

10. The permanent pop-up store will appear.


Brands love the consumer accessibility that a pop-up store provides, but they hate the associated cost. Someone (perhaps a large agency conglomerate?) will create the first permanent pop-up in a high-traffic city area such as Times Square, allowing brands to “rent” space without full construction costs and permitting headaches. VIP openings will be limited to influencers and media, then opened to the public for a limited time until the next brand takes over.

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