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Train Typography from the Past

Historic Train Typography Gives a Glance Back in Time

I recently attended the United Railroad Historical Society of NJ (URHS)’s “Railroad Museum for a Day” event in Boonton, NJ (The S3 Agency’s hometown). There were over a dozen pieces of restored historic railroad equipment to admire. We toured a vintage dining car, spacious lounge car and “the most famous car in the world.” This was the tail car of the luxury 20th Century Limited, a symbol of elegance and speed. The detailed restorations, together with the stories we heard, really transported us back in time.

As a graphic designer, I was taken aback by the beautiful color combinations, unique typography and vintage graphic elements that abounded. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a small sampling of what we experienced.

For more information, visit Hope to see you there next year!








Lisa Schroeder
Lisa Schroeder

Graphic Designer @ The S3 Agency

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