Unsubscribe: It’s One Word, It Should Be One Click

Why, why, why? This is what I want to ask every company who makes me click more than one time to unsubscribe from their emails. I don’t want to have to log-in to my email preferences, trying to remember which password I may have used when I signed on for your email blitz however long ago. I don’t want to have to search through the text of your email to find a mid-point where you have stuffed the unsubscribe info. I don’t want to be forced to tell you why I no longer desire your emails (no more learnings off of me at this point, please). I don’t want to receive less emails from you or different types of emails from you. And I surely do not want to receive a follow-up email telling me I won’t be getting any more emails from you.

This morning, I unsubscribed from 23 emails. I was annoyed (and slightly surprised) at how different most of the experiences were. (It took far longer than it should have, really.) The only ones who stand a chance of my returning are those who didn’t make me feel roped in – the ones who heard me whisper “please stop” and said “ok.”

Look, I am a big believer in direct marketing – and email marketing can be a very effective (and inexpensive) form of communication when done well. Just be sure to allow the dialog to end, easily, when your audience no longer wishes to be connected. How? Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Put the “unsubscribe” link all the way at the bottom so people can do the quick scroll to the end to get to it.
  2. Make the word “unsubscribe” an obvious hyperlink so it stands out for “clickability.”
  3. That click should bring users to a page that says “you have been unsubscribed.”

And that’s it. Holding email addresses hostage because people can’t easily find the opt out link or because they can’t remember their password will create negative feelings toward your brand with each inbox appearance.

[One caveat: If you need to allow people more options, it is OK to have a “manage email preferences” link next to the clearly marked “unsubscribe” link.]

Now back to my mission of unsubscribing to every email I no longer want to see…

~ Denise Blasevick, @advertgirl & CEO of @theS3agency, The S3 Agency

Denise Blasevick
Denise Blasevick

CEO @The S3 Agency

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