Halloween without candy?! Imagine the horror. That’s exactly what Crest and Oral-B have done in their new buzz-making video, “Halloween Treats Gone Wrong.”

In this hilariously disgusting spot, costume-clad children participate in focus groups to taste test new, “healthy candy options” for Halloween. Naturally, the costumed kids dig in, but much to their surprise, it’s not the chocolatey delight they imaged. Fiber-rich "veggie chews” and protein-packed “tofu ghost-mellows” are met with the honest reactions of kids:

“It’s the worst thing I ever tasted!” 
“It tastes like poop.”
“I threw up.” (And she did.)

Outraged at hearing these artichoke-butter cups and other poor substitutes will be replacing their yummy, cavity-causing fun size Halloween treats, the children start throwing fits. Simple yet effective copy closes the video: “Nothing is more horrifying than Halloween without candy. Thankfully, there’s Crest and Oral-B.” 

Cute kids. Halloween costumes. Spoof candy. All in an engaging, lightly branded video that already has millions of views – and a strong takeaway message: let your little ones eat the candy, just be sure to brush. Sure, it may be more of a category-driver than one that makes you remember Crest and Oral-B. But that just makes this “viral video” double as a public service announcement, increasing the authenticity of these brands in the minds of parents everywhere.

~ Nicole Mazewski, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency

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